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8th workshop on achievement and task motivation. International Conference on Motivation.
Questions & Answers

Dear Colleagues,

The community of psychologists, who since 1985 used to meet in different places of Europe at Workshops on Activity and Task Motivation (WATM), entered its early adulthood.
It is not the age of the project that brings to this conclusion, but rather the number of interested participants (over 200 at the 6th and 7th conferences) and the range of topics and approaches. Our community seems to acquire a new quality, and one of the ideas widely discussed at the 7th WATM in Leuven, May 2000 was the idea of establishing a full-range international association. We would greatly appreciate your opinion on this issue that you are kindly invited to express online at the website.

The new quality requires new ideas and new approaches. The disastrous events of September 11, 2001 present a special challenge to the psychology of motivation, proving that straight rational models of human motivation that are so in fashion nowadays cannot account for all the variety of human activity. That is why more comprehensive approaches must take more place in our work. Fanaticism cannot be precisely studied in a laboratory or deduced from a combination of Achievement, Power, and Affiliation; the worse for us, not for it.

The place for the 8th conference is Moscow, Russia. The conference will be hosted by Russian University for the Humanities, where Lev Vygotsky studied philosophy and psychology in 1914-1917. The participants can not only see the 850-year-old city that changed so much during the last 10 years and learn Russian hospitality by personal experience, but also know more on the original approaches and studies in the field of motivation and activity regulation by the disciples and followers of A.N.Leontiev, D.N.Uznadze and other prominent scholars. Russian psychology assimilated (and elaborated) sociocultural and historical methodology, experienced strong influence of Kurt Lewin, absorbed existentialist thinking… Cross-fertilization of Western and East European approaches must be so favorable for both.

My colleagues and I will do our best to help you both work fruitfully and enjoy your stay in Moscow.

See you soon,

Dmitry A.Leontiev,
Chair of the Conference,
Professor of Moscow State University